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For the English speakers

People have special talents, unique gifts that define their very being. I was given the gift of creativity.                                          I say this modestly ; after all, it was a gift. 

Hi, I'm Anat Friedman and my gift of creativity has turned into an art of joy and satisfaction. All over Israel, I have helped home owners to create their dream home, whether from the initial planning stages at the level of the real estate lot,   to the transformation of a single room into a space of vitality and beauty, but still functional and inviting..


In order to accomplish this, three things are required: the first, a budget, so that the design and all costs can be planned exactly according to your budget; I am expert at working according to the budgetary possibilities of my clients. The second, absolute sensitivity to the desires of the home owner and an ability to understand the vision of the homeowner, and finally, painstaking attention to detail to the plans that you and I have jointly worked out from Day 1 to the exciting day when the work begins, from the use of a hammer to the placement of lighting, furniture and art.

I work with the finest of subcontractors, the most professional and courteous, in order to make the building and/or transformation of your home and space into something very special, with grace and without annoyance.


Interior design, help in ownership  transfer and refurbishing, property and home (asset) enhancement, building engineers and architects, painters, roofers, installation and plumbing - all of these aspects of home planning and home design fall under my expertise.


Simply put, I am the "orchestra conductor" and my team of professional and quality "musicians" create for my customers a symphony of beauty - for homes, rooms, offices, entirely new construction of homes or villas, gardens, specialized facilities such as sound proof rooms or even recording studios, exterior and interior home enhancement and the coordination between the real estate agents, authorities and subcontractors.


The greatest mistake people make when building or simply remaking their homes is to bring in people that have no professional connection with each other, no manager to bring all of the elements together.


I bring all of the elements together and work only with people that I know can do the job aesthetically and professionally and that know how to stick to a schedule. In this and other ways, working with me can actually save the home owner large amounts of money and assure that the job will get done happily and without agonizing over this and that worker or detail.

Join the growing list of satisfied home owners throughout Israel that have fulfilled their dreams in a symphony of aesthetics, color, beauty and joy. 

Please feel free to give me a call at : 050-2056633 
Hebrew and English spoken. Recommendations available upon request. 

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like." Steve Jobs 

Thanks! Message sent.

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